Will we ever kill The Bug?

Remember that ad with the VW Beetle lying upside down?


Here’s how it came to be:


Len Sirowitz and I were doing an ad that told why the VW’s steel bottom was such a good thing.  Len already had the photo done and I was starting to write the copy.


Then at dinner time, Len called me at home. “I was just driving,” he said, “and a bug smashed against my windshield. Right then, it came to me that the headline to go with our photo should say Will we ever kill the bug? 


But wait. There’s more!  Under Len’s headline, the first paragraph in the body copy was one word: “Never.”

Years went by. And then on July 30, 2003, the last of the original Beetles rolled off an assembly line in Mexico.


Today, on a wall in my home office, there’s a framed copy of that ad. Screwed to the frame, is a brass plaque that reads, Never say “Never.” July 30, 2003.


Hal Silverman,
DDB Copywriter