Like the WWII B-17’s, Charlie kept flying.

A word about Charlie Pic.
I too love Charlie Pic.
My favorite story about him is one that to my mind is the spirit of DDB and its special breed of out of the box thinkers.
Charlie was working on American Airlines, known to be a difficult (to say the least) client.
But a big and valuable one.
So Charlie had a lot of ads to do,
touting the virtues of AA.
Needless to say, the client rejected a lot of ads.
You might say, shot them down.
Charlie’s response:
On his wall,
every time an ad got shot down,
up went a cut-out of a plane.
There was a row of planes,
a tally of ads lost in the mission.
But like the WWII B-17’s, Charlie kept flying.
It filled me with admiration and delight.
It still does..

Paula Green
DDB Copywriter