Jackie was my first girl friend

Jackie was my first girl friend – not girlfriend but friend who was a girl.
Jackie was Mike Lawlor’s girlfriend and Mike was a good friend of mine. For several memorable summers in the sixties we shared Fire Island houses with other friends.

Jackie was the best dance partner I ever had. Since Mike was not one to dance, Jackie and I danced the Fire Island nights away to the juke box at the “casino” bar. We were quite good together. We considered “Mony, Mony” our song, and referred to ourselves as Vernon and Irene Castle.

We hadn’t been in touch for more than 25 years. (I moved to Florida and then to California.) To “catch up,” Jackie, Howie Cohen and I had lunch together the day of the reunion. It was like the passing years never happened.

Jackie meant a lot to me. She was a close friend during a memorable and important time in my life.

Gary Geyer
DDB Art Director