Jackie End was a very special person

Special people in one’s life never leave. They linger
with fond memories and stand out from the rest
because they have made a difference in the way
you think, act and live.

Jackie End was a very special person who changed my
outlook and the way I create the work that I love to do.

She wasn’t just a copywriting partner – she was an
inspiration to any art director. She taught me the best
concepts were human and emotional and not the
typical ad.

Jackie made me realize that the best copy was just
good conversation. And she made it fun while you
worked so hard to make your work as good as it
possibly could be.

Jackie’s warmth, caring and special talent for our craft
made collaboration a thing of joy. She was definitely a
one of a kind.

Jackie will always be a part of me. And I was very
fortunate to have worked with her. She made me a
better professional and a better person.

Special friends in my life are always there.

Mel Sant
DDB Art Director