I am a very lucky man.

I am a very lucky man. I was a part of the DDB family in the 60s.

But, as extrodiriarily lucky as I am, I am UNlucky in one regard. I hardly knew Jackie.
But I know a lot about Jackie.

Jackie was a very, very special person in that very, very special DDB family.

She helped make it tick.

And she worked a miracle for us. She was inspired by an imposible dream to bring us all
together again after 50 years on one heavenly afternoon. A feat thatʼs almost impossible to
imagine. But she did. And she was a key player who worked tirelessly to make it happen..

Jackie worked miracles. They were her loving gifts to us.

She will live in my heart forever. I am a very lucky man.

John Eding
DDB Art Director