Deck the Halls

Christmas season on the 8th floor at 49th and Madison.
Not really much of a story as a mini event that recalls what the creative department is
capable of on a snowy afternoon.

I was returning from lunch… it started snowing pretty hard, and as any kid from the
Bronx would testify to, there is an automatic reaction to snow, evaluating it’s consistency…
is it packing??? It’s important to note that if it passes the test to be packing
snow, then a whole bunch of possibilities appear…snow men, snow angles, snow forts,
snow balls, snow fights, snow balling the mailman, passing cars, windows of the lady
who keeps your ball when it goes into her backyard, etc…

I was on the steps to the entrance to our building when I recalled this important ceremony;
I picked up a handful, and what do know, just about the best packing snow I
ever had my hands on…the possibilities flashed before my eyes, snow like this couldn’t
be wasted, it had to be used…

So I filled my coat pockets with snow balls jumped on the elevator ran straight to art
directors row snowballs in hand and fired away…

Realizing there would be repercussions, I grabbed a box from somewhere ran
downstairs filled it with snow and came back ready for battle, they did the same…
art directors usually accustomed to flinging insults were flinging snow balls… soon it
was over…the 8th floor was wet with snow from one of the best fights that ever occurred
there. On that day, the Halls were decked with snowballs.

Jim Scalfone
DDB Art Director