Chuck, Floyd and Me.

Chuck Kollewe. He and i started in the business as trainees in the ad dept. of The International Nickel Company at 67 Wall Street in the fall of 1959. From there he got a job at the J.M. Mathes agency. where I also got hired on his recommendation. I remember he did an ad for a competition being run by Union Carbide about agricultural chemicals. The headline was: How to win a cow. Chuck went on (with my envious compliments) to DDB. He is the one who introduced me to Leon, so he was not only a great pal but he had hand in my most important job prospects.

One day after a very bibulous lunch at that funky bar (Kilroy’s) on Sixth Avenue, Chuck fell off the bar stool and cut his head. There was an equally drunk mail man at the bar who offered to drive us to a hospital (at hair-raising speed) in his mail truck. There was no door on the truck so i went along to keep Chuck from falling out. I got him into the Emergency Room, where his head was bandaged up a bit like a mummy. For some reason i cannot recall I suggested to Chuck that what we needed to do was get a hotel room so he could sober up before going home to Ginny. So we ended up in some fleabag acquiring hangovers until we thought it as safe for him to make the trip to Jersey.

Another name is Floyd Stone. As Rich says, he was an unforgettable character, a horrible little man and the pushiest person I ever met in my life. He came to J.M. Mather when Chuck and I were there and one of us introduced him to Leon, who at first hired him in the Siberia of the promotion dept. Floyd did indeed enjoy his martini, but one thing that sticks out was his car. He drove into Manhattan every day from Long Island in a vehicle (I think it was an old Dodge) that he decked out with every gadget known to the world of mechanics. Compasses, clocks, a special radio, fancy visors and all kind of other stuff.

Harry Yates
DDB Copywriter