Charlie Piccirillo, DDB Art Director


We need a John Eding story for the Charlie Picirilllo story.


C’mon, Dom, you know better!

It’s not that Charlie doesn’t deserve a great story and a very honorable spot in DDB history.
He certainly does.

But art directors simply don’t write about other art directors, much less junior ones about senior ones.
Call it professional courtesy if you want.

But, from a more practical point of view, art directors don’t write, period. We have people for that.

Plus how do you write about something that can’t be explained. You can’t explain how to be a great
art director. You either are one or you aren’t. Maybe you can teach someone accounting or explain
how to be a lawyer (though, lawyers, I’ve noticed, don’t seem to be able to explain anything, and
they’re really good at it, too), but you can’t turn someone into an art director, even a mediocre one,
let alone a great DDB one like Charlie Picirillo unless they just so happen to be one.

How do you know for sure a person is a great DDB art director?

Don’t ask another DDB art director. Nope! No DDB art director is going to tell you anyone else is any
good. Even if he/she might be secretly willing to admit that, maybe, it’s remotely possible, miracles
are rumored to happen, that someone else could maybe, supposedly, theoretically, qualify iike he/she

But the chances are slim to none.

No, don’t ask an art director!!!

Ask a writer.

Writers used to come into my office all the time gushing about Charlie. “Charlie Pic this!!”
“Charlie Pic that!!”


There is one thing about Charlie that I’m willing to admit I admire:

He’s bald.

Like me.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, Dom, like you.

John Eding
DDB Art Director