King of the Italian Art Directors.

Doyle Dane Bernbach had it’s share of Italian art directors. It fit into Bernbach’s special recipe for
making great advertising. A dash of a jewish writer. A sprinkle of an Italian art director. A pinch of a
Irish account man. Let simmer. And most times, a great ad served to the client.

We Italian art directors wore tailored suits, spoke with our hands, thought we were better looking than
non Italian art directors and strutted down the hallway like peacocks.

Not Charlie Piccirillo.

Sure, he dressed good. Was good looking enough for writers to have a crush on him. But he had
something the rest of his paesans at DDB didn’t have.


Charlie’s work spoke for him. No need to beat his chest. He didn’t have to display his awards in his
office. We all knew and admired his great creative.

Those of us lucky to work with him or [in my case] for him, benefited from his wisdom and
encouraging personality. He never killed an ad, he tried to help you make it better.

Charlie was also a great athlete and played minor league baseball. He never made it to the majors.
But he was and still is, to us Italian art directors, the Joe DiMaggio of Doyle Dane Bernbach.

We were all proud of him. He gave us class. He gave us a great example to follow. We might have
tought of ourselves as princes but he was The King.

Dom Marino
DDB Italian Art Director