My Woderful Year.

I had never met Charlie Piccarillo. until we were both assigned the Ohrbach's account. Full page
NYTimes ads. ow! I was scared and excited. Charlie, as I got to know him, was laid back and very
funny. For me funny has always been synonymous with sexy, so I had a kind of schoolgirl crush on
him, even though I was very much in love with my husband. We talked and laughed a lot, but no
campaign ideas. Then one day I walked into his office and there it was on his bulletin board ...full
page photos of gorgeous women wearing great clothes. A little room for a headline and some
copy. Nothing this bold in women's fashion had ever been done before, that I know of. People
passing Charlie's office were talking about them before a word was written.

So that's how "Did you ever meet your husband's secretary?" and "Does your baby sitter look better
coming in than going out?" and "Beware the office temporary" and about a dozen in all ads came
about. The look by Charlie was a first, with a little help later from Scavulo. It won us awards that I'm
very proud of.

Bill Bernbach had a big decision to make after the first one or two ads came out. Ohrbach's met with
him to tell him that four or five women were so outraged by the advertising, they had torn up their
Ohrbach's credit cards. Oy! The end of our campaign? But Bernbach said no, continue on. Whew.

I remember being at the beach at Fire Island with my husband and children one Sunday morning
when it seemed as if everybody around us was reading the Sunday Times and talking and laughing at
the latest Ohrbach's ad. Bill Bernbach was right again.

Thank you Charlie for a wonderful year in my advertising life. You were a brilliant inspiration and I
enjoyed every minute.

Frada (Sklar)Wallach
DDB Copywriter