Lately I've been enjoying reminiscing about our beloved DDB.
It was a big day when we got a cigarette account. Mentholated Alpine.
Gage & Phyllis created full page N.Y. Times ads--all terrific, what else??
But very soon after we got the business the U.S. Surgeon Generals Report,
damning tobacco for it's extreme danger to health, was released.
Bill immediately re-signed the account.

That only could have happened at DDB. Decades later after Ned, Mac & Bill were gone
we did accept cigarette business.

In 1964 the Agency is going public. Options were awarded.
The stock did well. DDB was 15 years old and was flying high.

When you had been employed for 6 months you were automatically enrolled
in the Profit Sharing Plan which was paid in every year.
Would you believe 15% for many years?

Lester Feldman
DDB Art Director