My Bob Gage Story

Charlie Gennarelli and I showed Bill Bernbach a very-tight, wonderfully-rendered comp layout for an
Amreican Airlines double-page spread. But Mr. Bernbach was a little unsure of it. So he asked us to
show it to Bob Gage "just to be sure."

It was late. It was dark. It was cold. It was snowing. And Charlie and I trudged across Bryant Park to
the old Pelco on (I think) 40th St. where Gage and Dillon were editing.

Nancy Underwood must have called Bob and alerted him as to why we were coming.
Because he seemed to be waiting for us.

Charlie Gennarelli carefully unwrapped the beautiful comp layout (he had super-wrapped it to protect
it from the snow). Bob took the layout and settled down in a chair next to a lamp.

First, a bunch of Bob's cigarette ashes tumbled onto Charlie's layout. Next, Bob's glass of Scotch
accidentally got spilled on Charlie's layout. And then, without missing a beat, Bob looked up and said:
"At least Bill will know I saw it."

Tom Yobage
DDB Copywriter