A Mensch

A mensch is someone you hope other people think you are.
A mensch is human.
A mensch is humane.
A mensch would do anything humanly possible to be fair.
A mensch is Solomon in a dispute.
A mensch is Atticus Finch against all odds.
A mensch is the opposite of an unmensch.
An unmensch is someone you pray you'll never be married to, taking orders from or in a foxhole with.
An unmensch makes you despair of the human race.
A mensch gives you hope.
A mensch values values.
A mensch values people above things.
A mensch is someone who will not only watch your back but humanity's back as well.
All the time.
In a nice way.
Bob Levenson was a mensch.

Deanna [Cohen] Drew
DDB Copywriter