Working late with Bob

I was working late one night with Frank Camadella.
The only two other people around were Bob and his art director on Sara Lee, Len Sirowitz.
Bob and his AD walked in and Bob said they had been working on a new campaign for Sara Lee
and they'd just come up with a new campaign line--what did we think of it?
Of course it was the "Everybody doesn't like something" line.
Don't remember what Frank thought, but I do remember telling them,
after we'd asked to hear it a couple times, that it was about the
best thing you could say about a food product and it was a unique way
of saying it. But was it too long?

Obviously it wasn't.

I like to think Frank and I were the first to hear one of the
industry's iconic lines--unless Bob ran it by the cleaning help first.

Barry Greenspon
DDB Copywriter