I knew Bob Levenson before I met him.

Every Sunday afternoon in the 50s, I would sit in front of our 10 inch black & white RCA TV and watch
The Sam Levenson Show on CBS.

Sam seemed to me like my Jewish Uncle. He told warm stories about growing up in his beloved
Brooklyn, where I made my home.

Sam was spellbinding to me. His voice was friendly and always wise. He took his time spinning his tales.
Like a favorite Uncle, I wanted to sit on his lap to hear and to relive his memories.

In the late 60s at DDB, I finally had an opportunity to show Bob Levenson [Sam's nephew] an ad
for his approval. When he started to speak [actually in the act of killing my ad]. I was spellbound again.
The same timing, the same wisdom and the same warmth in his voice. His brother Larry had it too. It
must be in the Levenson DNA.

When Bob finally finished his performance, I didn't feel like defending my work.
I felt like sitting on his lap.

Dom Marino
DDB Art Director