Framed in lucite.

This must have been something that Bob was so proud of as it was framed in lucite positioned on his
desk so those sitting across from him could see it.

I remember the first time I saw it, I just stared at it like some great work of art. So simple, so proud,
so bold!

I couldn't absorb it all in one sitting. So like any great work of art that is on display I would
return many times over the years to see it, just sitting there on his desk.

If ever there was an ad transcended by its eloquence and artistry into something so much more,
it was this one.

As I wrote this remembrance of Bob I realized I was staring at the image the same way I did when
I would see it in his office, so many years ago. It stands today as testimony to the casual eloquence
that was Bob's trademark, and the timeless quality of his artistry.

Jim Scalfone
DDB Art Director