We always knew

Many years ago, when I first started as a copywriter at Doyle Dane Bernbach, I saw a trade ad in
Advertising Age that featured a picture of Bob Levenson.

I think the ad was run by a magazine publishers association.

I'll never forget the headline.

It said: How come Bob Levenson gets all the good ads?

You didn't have to read the body copy for the answer. All you had to do was recall some of the classic
ads Bob created.

Whether he was writing a small-space ad or a four-color spread, whether he was writing a house ad,
a trade ad, a business ad, or a consumer ad for a small client like El Al or a giant like Mobil, whether
he was writing a TV spot or a radio commercial --- Bob always gave it his best.

He set the bar for the rest of us.

Tom Yobage
DDB Copywriter