Goodbye, Bob

Shortly before Bob Levenson left DDB, our relationship became somewhat strained. I believe we
were both a little at fault. However, my personal feelings never got in the way of my admiration for
his ability to compose a piece of lovely prose.

One of the pieces that I admired most was, oddly enough, not advertising copy but a eulogy.
Specifically, Bill Bernbach's eulogy that Bob delivered at Bill's memorial service in the United
Nations' chapel.

It wasn't full of the Levensonian turns of phrases that we've all become so familiar with...
the VW style of writing that became imitated by so many writers at DDB as well as at other agencies.
No, rather than self-consciously clever, this piece was heartfelt. I remember vividly, you could hear a
pin drop in the chapel while Bob was delivering it. And when he finished, there weren't very many dry
eyes in the room.

And what a finish it was! I can't remember the exact words, but I do remember the essence of it.
Bob said something to the effect:

"Whenever we left Bill's office without him changing a word of our copy we were thrilled.
Now I'd be thrilled to have him change every word of this piece. Goodbye, my friend."

Goodbye, Bob.

Mike Mangano
DDB Copywriter