Bronx Tale

I found myself at DDB as an assistant art director. A 22 year old Italian kid straight from the Bronx— no college—just encouragement from teachers at a few night classes at The School of Visual Arts...and Judy Wald. Words and full sentences were starting to impress me. After all, I was more use to curses and hand language.

From time to time, I would meet with Bob Levenson with my writer to show a trade ad, a Military ad, or an International ad. Bob was such a pleasure to show work to, or just to be in a room with. Every word he spoke was a learning experience.

When Bob spoke, you listened. Because you wanted to. He had that warm knowing smile and wonderful sense of humor. When they say, we lost someone today, we did. I'm afraid the likes of Bob Levenson will not find his way back here again. And that is our loss.

Rich Ferrante
DDB Art Director