It always pays to have a friend like Helmut.

Bob Levenson was my hero.

And I was lucky. I got to spend some time with him during the past few years.

One day, Bob told me a wonderful story about when he was made a Vice President.

Like others before him, Bob was given a small budget by the agency to redecorate his office.
(Every new VP got the same amount.)

Bob said he wanted to buy an antique French desk for his office. But the budget was too small to buy
an antique French desk.

So he and Helmut Krone went shopping together for a tasteful, affordable --- and thus not antique
French --- desk.

One day, shortly after the new desk had arrived, Bob came to work and found a very worried

"Oh, Mr. Levenson," she said, "you should have been here last night.

"After you left for the day, Mr. Krone came by and went into your office. He took off one of his shoes
and started hitting your new desk with his shoe.

"It was noisy. Mr. Krone spent a lot of time hitting the sides and the top of your new desk with his

And that, said Bob, is how he got his antiqued French desk.

Tom Yobage
DDB Copywriter