An anecdote told to me by my old friend Bill Hoke, a prominent Seattle ad guy.
Besides impressing all of us who had the honor of working with Bob, we should never forget the effect
this wonderful man had upon the the entire advertising world.

Lou DeLamarter
DDB Copywriter

"In about 1980, I was invited to be chair of the radio jury for the Irish Advertising Awards Festival.
Bob was chair of the television commercial jury. The jury met in Dublin for the judging and preliminary
rounds of drinking that even I, as a working drinking professional at the time, could not keep up with.

We then adjourned to Wexford for continued (constant) drinking and minor Festival activities that no
one paid any attention to. Eleven attended my 8 AM morning session on 'Creativity in Radio Advertising'
but most were quickly asleep.

The final night was the Big Banquet and I sat next to Bob on this elevated dais. The drinking was getting serious.

We were all invited to speak and the evening began with two or three Irishmen, well into their cups
telling stories that left the room in convulsions. This went on for at least a half hour, the funniest jokes
I had ever heard, told masterfully to 500 in attendance.

The emcee looked to Bob and me. I shook my head, declining to participate among champion
drinkers and story tellers. For once, I used good judgment.

Bob looked at me, shrugged, as if resigned to participate, and proceeded to do ten stand up minutes
of droll ad lib banter. His first few verbal shots completely silenced the crowd when they attempted to
get onto him. He then proceeded into the "Full Bob". They loved him.

Godspeed to Bob Levenson."

Bill Hoke