Bob Levenson. A Mensch

Bob Levenson . A writer's writer. A mensch.

He loved to say that no one in his family really understood exactly what it was that he did.
They thought he was in appetizing.

He also said the single most concise and wonderful description of DDB:

"When I tell people I'm in advertising, they say 'Oh'. Then I tell them I work at Doyle Dane Bernbach,
and they say 'Ah.' That one letter makes all the difference in what we do."

He believed in advertising passionately. The ability to capture a new idea and change people's minds
because of it.

When we showed him our work he always made it better and let us still think it was our idea.

And so he gave us a great gift. We were able to believe in ourselves because he believed in us.

Jane Talcott
DDB Copywriter