Gary Goldsmith once told me that when he first started as an assistant art director at Doyle Dane
Bernbach, he received a requisition to do a house ad --- with Bob Levenson

The ad ran in a magazine filled with other house ads done by other advertising agencies.

My guess is the other agencies' ads all looked and sounded the same.

You can only imagine the kinds of things they might say: 25 Rules for Creating Breakthrough
Advertising… Putting Our Clients First Makes Us First... Knowing the Market, Moving the
Merchandise… New Improved Creativity from Dedicated Account Management and Disciplined

The Doyle Dane ad was a spread. It was an all-type ad --- with lots of white space.

The headline read: hi

The letter h was on the left-hand page of the spread. The letter i was on the right-hand page.

And beneath the headline, Bob wrote a single line of body copy.

It said something like: If our ad looked like everybody else's, we wouldn't be Doyle Dane Bernbach.

Bob Levenson could always explain Doyle Dane Bernbach better than anybody.

Tom Yobage
DDB Copywriter